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of Projects EU funds and state subsidies


Public Procurement

The law no. 343/2015 Coll. on public procurement, as amended, is complicated both in terms of its scope and ambiguous formulations. Moreover, it’s subject to frequent amendments. It is not easy to grasp, but it's very easy to get lost in it completely.


Management and Funding of Projects

Do you know why most projects fail? It’s due to underestimated preparation and failure to manage them in a professional manner. Projects must be managed in a different way than recurring activities, because each project is different – unique and bearing above-average risk, regardless its source of funding.


Analyses, Audits and Studies

How do you calculate risk value? Risk value is the likelihood of risk multiplied by the potential impact, i.e. the damage incurred when the risk occurs.



What is the value of knowledge? Knowledge has almost no value unless it’s transformed into the required skills. Know in a process perfectly in theory does not automatically mean that you can implement it in practice.


We are

We deliver 100 %.
We always keep up.

We approach each project individually and with respect in order to apply the best of our skills and knowledge.

Each of us has over ten years of experience in implementing challenging projects for a wide range of customers across the sectors of national economy.

We are interested in long-term partnerships with mutual satisfaction as the main objective.

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Whatever we do,
we do our best

The customer is our partner. We approach each project individually and with respect in order to apply the best of our skills and knowledge for the benefit of our partner.

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