The advantages of registration in the List ...

In many businesspeople the term public procurement evokes the idea of a large number of documents and long delays associated with the whole procurement procedure. In order to submit a procurement offer, the candidate must meet the conditions for participation relating to personal status (Article 26, 25/2006 Coll.). These conditions include proof of health insurance, social insurance, documents from the tax office, criminal records and other documents. This may add up to twelve documents. Attaching such a number of documents into each individual procurement offer is administratively demanding and is a potential source of formal errors.

The public procurement law allows businesses to substitute these documents in any procurement procedure with a declaration stating their business name, office address, Tax ID and their registration number in the List of businesses maintained by the Public Procurement Office.

For business participating in public procurement on a regular basis, registration in the List of businesses can significantly shorten the time necessary to prepare an offer. In addition, it eliminates possible shortcomings in the offer in evidence of personal status.

Apart from the above, a significant advantage of registering into the List of business is the actual term of validity of such registration, which is three years. This term provides a sufficient advantage to registration even for parties involved in procurement only occasionally.

Another benefit is the fact that the subject registered in the List of businesses may also subscribe as an interested party in the electronic contracting system.