Public Procurement

Therefore, if you need help with the preparation of procurement or you need to prepare an offer for procurement or make transactions via the electronic marketplace, please contact us.

We have many years of experience in public procurement, both from the point of view of the procuring institution and the supplier. We can help.

In the area of public procurement, among other services, we offer the following:

  • complete outsourcing of the procurement process
  • preparation of procurement documents
  • ex ante and ex post verification of documentation
  • preparation of offers for those interested in participating in procurement
  • registration into the list of businesses and the electronic marketplace
  • preparation of descriptive forms for the electronic marketplace
  • advice when choosing the auction system
  • execution of an electronic auction
  • preparation of contracts

In addition to the traditional approach in public procurement, we can also advise you on less common ones such as GPP (Green Public Procurement) and SPP (Social Public Procurement).

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